How Can I Help?


You can make a monetary donation online through PayPal or FirstGiving, in person at our location, or send a check via mail.


By becoming a sponsor, you become a part of the Equine 808 Horse Rescue family. By sponsoring, you’re giving us the gift of sustainability, and that support is invaluable.


Donate your time and/or skills. Volunteers at Equine 808 Horse Rescue perform various duties at the farm including feeding, stall and paddock cleaning, filling water buckets, grooming, turnout, and other tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis.

In addition to chores, we often need help with processing adoption applications, checking references and doing site visits/follow-up visits. For more information, please email


Equine 808 eBay Charity PageYou can support Equine 808 Horse Rescue through the eBay Giving Works program. When buying, search for listings that denote Equine 808 Horse Rescue as the supported cause. When selling on ebay, add Equine 808 Horse Rescue as a supported cause to a listing before posting and select a percentage to contribute. When your item sells, that percentage of the final sale goes to benefit Equine 808 Horse Rescue!


dailygood-by-goodsearchBy using Goodsearch, your internet clicks, online shopping, and even gaming can earn money that goes to support Equine 808 Horse Rescue. Simply sign-up to Dailygood with Facebook or email to starting earning for the cause.


AmazonSmileFirst, search and select Equine 808 Horse Rescue at Then just remember to start your shopping at Amazon will donate 50 cents, for every $100 spent through this program. You won’t pay any extra on AmazonSmile items, but 0.5% of your purchase price will go to support Equine 808 Horse Rescue.


Equine 808 Horse Rescue holds fundraising events and programs each year. We are always looking for venues and support—and we are open to new fundraising ideas. If you can help in this way, email


Book an Equine 808 Horse Rescue for your event. Equine 808 Horse Rescue hosts field trips, birthday parties, equine education classes, workshops, and other events. All proceeds go toward the animals’ care. For more information, contact

In-Kind Donations

Donate new, used, or unwanted supplies to Equine 808 Horse Rescue and we’ll put them to good use. Please see our wish list for donation ideas. Items on our wish list range from small tools to large vehicles. No contribution is too small or insignificant. In-kind donations also qualify for a tax deduction for the amount of their fair market values if no service is exchanged in return for the donation.