Board of Directors

Betina Tacoronte President
Diane Cornish Executive Officer (Hawaii)
OPEN POSITION Public Relations Officer
Cleveland Tadiarca Director of Facilities (Colorado)
Richard Cox Director of Facilities (Hawaii)
Daniela Conway Secretary
Serina Krisjuhan Director of Finance


Assessment & Response Team

Hawaii — Diane Cornish
Leilehua Keohookalani
Colorado — Betina Tacoronte
Cleveland Tadiarca
Tyler Jones



Oahu Equine Veterinary Clinic Rocky Mountain Equine Clinic


Equine Behavioral Specialists

Hawaii — OPEN POSITION Colorado — Betina Tacoronte


Horse Handlers

Hawaii — Emily Post
Kaye Hawkins
Colorado — Betina Tacoronte
Cleveland Tadiarca
Tyler Jones



Hawaii — Billy Gonzales, Dan Olsen Colorado — Josh Chase, Giles Blakley


Barn Managers



Volunteer Coordinators

Hawaii — Brit Chambers Colorado — Betina Tacoronte


Events Coordinators

Hawaii Diane Cornish Colorado— Betina Tacoronte

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