Having a great love of horses, we feel it is our civic duty to provide a sanctuary for injured, abused, neglected, and unwanted horses by offering emergency relief, refuge, medical care, rehabilitation and adoption services and to provide education in the arenas of proper horse ownership, responsibility, health and care and to provide a community connection to all.

Equine 808 Horse Rescue has been in operation since 2008 when we took in our first horse, Kentucky. Our founders just simply couldn’t handle seeing a skinny horse a few stalls down from them. On the first day, the horses were housed in a vacant stable at the founder’s private home. We set up on a small plot of land in Waianae. In 2009 we applied for and received our non-profit status and took a number of Equine Cruelty Investigation courses from the Hawaii Humane Society. We are certified in pet emergency handling.

From those first few months of becoming established, the calls for assistance seemed to explode. The reputation of Equine 808 Horse Rescue continued to grow. Equine 808 Horse Rescue does not receive government aid and relies completely on donations from our kind supporters.

In 2012, we moved from our small plot in Waianae to Kunia Loa Ridge Farms in Kunia. In 2013, we expanded operations to Colorado.

***Please note. Equine 808 Horse Rescue has no legal authority to investigate or intervene in animal abuse cases. If you know of a horse whose health is being compromised by neglect, please report it. Contact the animal control authority in your area or report abuse to your local Humane Society.

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